Saturday, January 14, 2012

Amber Rosepetal: Savior of the Spiral

"Professor Falmela... I'm sorry! I didn't mean to let my phoenix go like that and I mean, it just didn't want to be controlled and oh my heckhounds I'm so sorry!", apologized Amber. She was standing in the middle of the fire school next to her professor, sobbing because she'd nearly burnt down the schoolhouse.

"That's alright! It happens every few semesters! Just get the Art of Fire book for me from Firecat Alley and we can fix it in a wave~!" Professor Falmela grinned, her hair sparking. "This place needs remodeled, anyways."

"Thank you... I'll be back soon! I promise!" Amber said, running out the door with her unicorn, Isabella, trailing behind.

Amber Rosepetal, a blond purple-eyed adept pyromancer was a cheery, shy, and witty young girl. She hadn't had any parents that she could remember, but that was okay. After being taken in by the pink-haired Amy Goldblood, there was seemingly nothing abnormal about her childhood.

Amber had grown up in Wizard City in their own little castle. It was nothing special, just a yard and a swimming hole, then a bedroom and everything-room and a small office. But to Amber, the dragon scale walls felt like home.

"Amber!" Amy shouted to the running girl from the stoop of the spiral door. You see, everything had advanced since Ambrose allowed Professor Balestrom to let his experiments and weirdo inventions to run loose. The results? Spiral door stoops and people riding on animals.

It was rather disturbing, almost being trampled by a floating turtle sometimes.

"Yes, Amy? I've got to get something for Falmela!" Amber paused, hugging Amy. There was something off about her posture. It was stiff and business-like. Very unlike Amy.

"Amber... there's been a call from Celestia... we have to go." Amy sighed, looking Amber straight in the face.

"WHAT? But what about my school? Questing? My friends...?!" Amber shrieked, knowing that she was being selfish but still!

"It's not your choice, okay? It's not mine either! It's just... Amber, it's not just that Celestia needs us. It's that Wizard City's going to be attacked soon again. Sure, Malistare is a ghost now, but... honey, I need to tell you about Morganthe on the way. Start packing, please... I'm sorry." Amy then teleported to her own room, and Amber heard a sob and the door slam.

Sighing, Amber went to her own room and reluctantly began packing her things in her steamer trunk. Her robes, hats, wands, spellcards (one had a tear in it), trophies, boots, and anything else that could fit went in there. She also took a few books: The Art of Fire, All About Celestia, and The Wizarding Guide to the Spiral.

With another sigh, she closed the lid of the trunk and grabbed the small box off her dresser, the only thing she refused to part with. When Amy and her had gone to Earth, they'd gotten this and filled it with a type of decorative clothes called jewelry. She's also put all her money in there, which had thankfully with the newest technology been created into crisp pieces of paper that amounted to 100gp, 1,000gp, after 10,000gp there were smaller increments of 15,000gp and so on. She currently had two 15,000gp papers and one 1,000gp paper, amounting to 31,000gp. It wasn't much, but it'd get her by until Celestia on the spiral train.

"Are you ready, or are you going to keep counting your papers?" Amy said from the doorway coolly.

"Yes, I'm ready. Let's get going... don't want to miss the train..." Amber mumbled, picking up the trunk by it's handle and taking one last sweeping glance at her room. It was pretty bare.

With a small yelp, they both teleported to Digmoore Station, boarded the train, and were off.

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