Tuesday, August 30, 2011


NVM the red part at the bottom; I figured out what I wanted to do was advanced HTML that I do not know.. D:

First of all, to kick this post off with a happy note. Esmee, the long lost Balance wizard on my account... Grandmaster.
Leveling on a Lost Soul. Wow.

Esmee, Grandmaster Sorcerer.
SQUEEEEEEE~ finally.

Well, the other thing I was going to report was that something else.. but, sadly, its not finished... will show in a few posts. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Depressing Moos (Word.)

(Firstly, I need to get two things out:
The reason I put Alias thingy on that was because that's my reaction to how fast our summer went... and my new school... it's really overwhelming.
*tears into hunk of bread* (Man, I cant find that photo I took a few weeks ago of a loaf of bread being cut by a giant knife. By yours truly.)
Ah~anyway, I got asked today why I get home at five oh clock in the afternoon--Eastern.
(Yay! It's the weekend!)
Well, this is because of I am starting a new school, it's much more different than any elementary, high or middle school.
Well, my school is a collegiate school. This means... (Googles Urban dictionary)
Um. All I got were crappy results that weren't even PG 13.
WELL THEN! A collegiate school is basically a school built on a college campus. It is for people who excel at everyday subjects...we take college-like tests and everyday work, but watered down, so to say.It's incredibly hard, but it's fun to me. I get to school at around 8:30-9 ish, so that explains getting out at 5:00. Ohkay?

The reason why this post came to darn late -procrastination, cough- was because of school. Well, that and me getting caught up with IRL things. Mostly IRL in general.
Well, it's easier to explain in a photo thinger...
This... +
....This...= GREATNESS!
Of course, I can snack on Pocky and then have the coffee in the evening--Ramen however, will not wait.
(racks brains for that piece of Pie I took a picture of...)
Guh. It must be on my DS like the bread pic was...
Ah well. I got you hungry now, go eat something.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I won

NutterButter Bites? Check.
Surviving my first day of Middle school? Check.
Winning Friendly's contest? Check.
Ramen? Check.
Home? Check.
Friends? Check.
Pie? ....Maybe....

Friday, August 19, 2011


2 days of Internet-less later...
Amber: *Jumps around like a total freaking idiot while listening to Touhou music*
Hikaru: Err.. isn't that a bit dangerous??
Amber: Isn't me with a swiss army knife dangerous?
Hikaru: .....Right... D:

Yup, so I was internet less a bit there.. or it was switching on and off...
We got it fixed, we hope D=
I'm just listening to Touhou music... xD Serena is coming over soon, I'm so excited!!
*runs to front room*
I'm never gonna write a decent post today---let's just watch the window
*glues face to window and flicks off a Hikaru who wants me to finish the post*
Hikaru: *grumble* She's  a idiot... my idiot, of course, but still an idiot.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shinjuku's Law

Shinjuku's Law (1 Thing that Will Blow Crap Up + 1 Thing that Will Still Blow Crap Up, Only With Less Mess = Something Defined As 'Mostly Harmless')

 First of all:
I GOT BEAUTY SHOP!! Now I actually look like I do IRL sort of, hehe.
And now.. my computer has some major as crap lag...and internet lag...
Boredemn.. secret project #1/Sestiva Rosepetal is being worked on. Got to KT got to level 15 then... logged off for Fiesta.

Now, onto the reason for the title.
This has to do with chain reactions, in a way. You do one thing then it causes another thing, which causes the final product. But yes, in this case, the law has to do with a mistake and a mistake, a negative and a negative, where they cancel each other out, and become a plus.
Why am I bringing this up?
Well, recently there has been some breaking of that law. Yeah. I'm reaching out towards bloggers now for this.
There is a person on Hatena, Carina. I respect her though we aren't even friends. Why? Well, for one, she's gone through a lot of crap (and that's understating it). Not only that, but she really cares about things--she just doesn't care for herself.
Carina is suisidal. She is anorexic. I want to help her so bad.
I just wanted to ask you guys to please send her a comment on Hatena if you have an account, or send a comment here and I'll forward it to her. The comments wont be published if you ask they not be; it's okay.
So.. this is the thing I need you to read the description of, that's really making me worry:
And, please, I really want to help her.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Last day to enter Raffle! Drawing is at 7:00PM Eastern, will be on bit.ly/rbFzZl . Here is the post! bit.ly/pHnLLx


Friday, August 12, 2011

SQUEE! Houses and Homes, oh my?! はい!!

Yes, はい! indeed!
*Drumroll* *Banner flaps and magically attaches it to poles and such, reuniting us all in a spiral, and in the middle of gaps are various homes and wizards popping out of them, surprised*
Yep, it's that time of year again... it's the time of year for a PALOOZA!
Palooza? Wasn't there just a Pet one a few month-
*Shuts Amy's mouth* Come on! Don't ruin the effect.
 When I woke up this morning, and after a small slip from someone, I logged on immediately checking the official blogs for contests. Contests, you ask?
Well, every time we have a Palooza, all the official blogs on the Wizard101 website get sent codes from Greyrose  for different things. These vary, but they are all one theme.
Like this time it's housing.
So, what blogs are giving away houses? Contests? Raffles?
Speaking of Raffles, the opening for the Raffle here ends tomorrow, at 6PM Eastern. I will record the actual picking for you guys :)


Homework in a Graveyard will be setting the Death House.
The ShadowThistle School of Wizardry will be setting the Wooded Cottage (Wizard City small)
That Pyromancer! will be setting the Oasis Camp (Krokotopia Small)
Paige's Page will be raffling an Royal Playhouse (Wizard City big)
Ravenwood Radio will be setting the Ice House
Petnome will be setting the Island Giveaway
The Friendly Necromancer will be setting the Watchtower Hall (Crafted!!)
The Wizard101 Addict will be setting the Desert Oasis
(Thanks to Paige Moonshade for RR and Petnome)

That is all I see right now. I will update it as soon as I see more people! They will be highlighted in green if they are new. :)
Sayonara! さよなら!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5'o'Clock just got killed.

(And Kevin has a giant gummy bear... YUMMY!!)

Okay, lets step back (again), from our computers, and lets focus on real life.
When I made this blog, I had no intention to keep it completely Wizard101--meaning, I will be posting some stuff from *other* games.
When there is other games, I will actually put labels down to show what game it is.

I've decided that it's my turn to hold a contest! Really, it's a raffle.
What are you thinking, Amber..?
Okay. To enter de contest/raffle, you just need to leave me a comment or @AmbertheSavior on Twitter with the word 'Contest!' along with your Wizard name and a way to contact you.
What is the raffle for? Well, it's for 5 KIFreegames codes. Whatever tier I can get. So, if you get bad stuff, don't complain--it's free.

Onto the rest of the post!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

of Skype and Me

Alright, so, a few of you on Twitter heard of the Skype issue.
Me? Personally I didn't want to be involved, but of course, my own temper got in the way. And, well, things get messy, and things change.
Not only do sentences and words change, but entire mini communities change.
Yeah, I'm not going to be part of the Skype community for a long time, unless I can forgive some certain people--I won't name them, but they can feel free to leave me a comment. Moderated, yes, so no one else can see it.
The case on the Skype issue is closed until I decide to open it again with me. I'm not going to discuss this anymore; my choice was my own, and calling it wrong is just going to dig your grave deeper.
 Yup. Case closed on my end until I can figure out what the heck to do with this. I need time to think it over, and to just merely start out with small talk. Like I said, my choice is my own--it was not influenced by anything, but my own self making observations.
And to keep bugging me about it is just going to get me even more mad.
The issue between this isn't something I'm going to tell everyone who reads this blog; I'm just going to say that yes, there was a misunderstanding, and the blame was targeted on [me] (Not just me, though, a large portion was, and more SHOULD have been.) Words were turned around, opinions changed against, and many other things--like I said, it was messy.
But, yeah. I don't think I'm going to be able to talk to those people, and I'd like them to try not to contact me unless I try to contact them.
To anyone who wasn't really involved in that, or did not choose sides/wasn't there but had the chat history, sorry. Honestly, it's bad that you had to see that but it's the truth.
*claps hands* Back to normal segments later! One will post at 5:00PM exactly, so you have something to do while cooking dinner :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Nectarine Tart? Count Me in!

Before you start your daily activites, or if you just aren't quite yet hungry for lunch...
Read this blog!: http://www.whatemilyate.com/
And, also, um, this is really what I am trying to say with the title:

Ok, onto the regular crazieness.
So what in the spiral have I been up to? Well, I've been housing, farming, questing, leveling...but I wont show the housing 'till its finished.
Oh, and Ive been storywriting.
Some of you guys may remember a long time ago, when I first started blogging, my fail story. Recently, I've been trying to rewrite out all my stories at the same time... so AVOA: A Time of Relapse is on hold.
Pshh, for some reason I found this hilarious.

...Look at my head D:


I wanted to give Storm *some* justice in their spells other than pwning.

See that? There's a star on one of them. Also, my friends list is packed full heheh

Summoning de Frost Giant...


Life Scarab


Messing around


I decided to ditch the old look... for parties and stuff...

Sestiva; she replaces Lilla in AVOA

Trying to do storm. Tryinggg...
Yeah. So that's what I've been up to lately.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Of Art and Me

Okay guys, lets back up a bit. Every so often, I share some of my manga drawings that are completed on Twitter. Recently I have been putting a sig on them that looks like this:
In the bottom left corner, is that. My friends, yes, that is my IRL initals. However, there's a reason for that... something that a few of you [no names! Sorry drama lovers] cannot get through your heads. I'm going to lay out some basic rules, but first.

You have no idea how many times I've heard this said to me...
What I'm saying is, if I give you a piece of art and you do not give me anything to run on, I'm winging it. It's really hard for me to do that because of I've also got other projects that I really want to work on, but I want to get requests done first...
It's difficult, alright?
Oh, also, I'm only willing to send out my stuff. Not the recent Spiral Live stuff I've done.
Here's some stuff to keep you busy, don't edit it... some of them aren't so recent so they dont have the sig.
My binder for school.

Lavender Princess.

A fail header...


First non-fail full figure.

Did you say... SQUIJAX?

 Ahh~I hope so...
Nick and I go as twins.. which we aren't...

For Talon! :)

Messing around...

Me and camera angles... being the strange girl I am, I'm constantly reviewing the girls clothes. I've never been sure if I liked the highlighting of the...lady parts.... *blushes*(Though if I couldn't help but take a screenshot, WTF?! ahh~)


More pictures with everyone yelling random food items..
I'm a bit too lazy and I would also miss a bunch of people if I named everyone. But, if you haven't put two and two together yet, this was Kestrel's party last night.
....I feel like I stole it with the 'Twin-triplet' thing..
The one time I actually take screenshots are to either do a giant line of people yelling random food, clothes, or something most people wouldn't find interesting but I would.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Screw That

OK guys, I know I worked on The Saviors a lot..
but hey! Whats the worse thing that could happen with a new blog?